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Changed Files Tracker

Web masters weaponry provides a changed files tracker to make it easy to keep track of which files are new or have been modified since the last upload. Just set the date and time using the convenient calendar and clock interface, click apply and the date and time is remembered. At a later date just open the CFT and click 'refresh list' with a *.* filter and WMW scans your entire site and lists all the pages, zip's, graphics files etc that need to be uploaded. Now the good bit click 'copy to treecopyX' and WMW creates a replica of the required directory structure and selectively copies these files into it ready to be uploaded.

Screenshot Of Changed Files Tracker

Screen shot of Changed / Modified file tracker

As you can see from the above screenshot: On 22 April 2004 I had 46 files and 551KB to upload. Looks like a lot of work but most of these are fixes for broken links that I found while testing the first prototype of my link checker rather than new pages. The last upload date was set at 30th March 04 3:39 am.

At the top right of the file list is a button marked <--> this expands the file list to make it easier to read. Right click on the file list and you are offered a pop up menu containing the following options:

The Change Date Stamp Dialogue

Screen shot date / time stamp changer showing calendar clock interface The calendar and clock in this dialogue work in exactly the same way as the ones in the CFT. With one obvious difference - to save space the analogue clock in the CFT has been implemented as a drop down. The calendar and the 24 hour clock are obvious - just click the spin buttons for day, month, year, hours, minutes, or seconds to increment. You can also set the time in the analogue clock by clicking directly on the clock face. I.e. click near the middle to change the hour, around the outside to re position the seconds hand, and in between to set the minute hand. Watch the mouse cursor. The middle of the hand displays H, M, OR S as appropriate. Clicking on AM or PM to add/subtract 12 hours from the 24 hour digital offering.

Below the calendar the label shows that I had all 46 files selected when I opened the dialogue. By default the date sets to the date of last item selected. These items are all listed in the drop down list, select a different item and the clock and calendar set to the date time stamp of the file. Click the apply button and all of these files will have the new date and time.

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