Angry traffic cone artwork by Nigel Jones
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Pile Of Bricks

Angry traffic cone by Nigel Jones

The pile of bricks is one of the most priceless exhibits at the Machinehead museum of fine art. It has pride of place next to a slice of cow and some of Nigel Jones toe nail clippings.

Photograph Of A Pile Of Bricks - by Nigel Jones

Photograph of a pile of bricks by Jones the Artist/Photographer

This isn't just any old pile of bricks. The bricks have been individually numbered and strategically placed in an optimum configuration by Jones the artist. The numbering system is to ensure portability of the pile of bricks which can be reassembled in accordance with Nigel's grand plan. With a bit of luck this artistic masterpiece can be sold to the British tax payers for millions. 8-)

"All in all you're just another brick in the wall" - Someone called "Pink"

Exposure = 1/125th second

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