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Machinehead Bicycle Software Machinehead Cycling Software
Machinehead Bike Software Machinehead Bicycle Software
Screen saver animated Machinehead - click for misc. downloads index

Flying Machinehead's Screen Saver

The psychedelic colour cycling bicycle wheel part of the screen saver's display is an extended version of the wheel drawing code that I wrote for use in my spoke length calculator program. The numbers of spokes and spoke crossings and the hub size varies with some impossibly extreme values used to create some interesting patterns. The wheel colour cycles i.e. the spokes and background colours change as the animation runs. It creates some nice effects.

In the example output below the sprites are the similar to the animated machinehead's shown in the top corners of this page drawn in different sizes. They bounce around your computer screen the machine head turns.

Example Output From The Screen Saver

Colour cycling bicycle wheel animation with machinehead sprites bouncing around

As an alternative to the machinehead graphics flying cyclists can be displayed

The example screen shot was done at 640 x 480 resolution. At the kind of higher resolutions that most people actually use these days it will look just the same but bigger. I resisted the temptation to show you a 1280 x 1024 example for bandwidth reasons.

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