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Machinehead Screen Saver Settings

How to change the settings for the Machinehead Screen saver

Display Properties

Windows Display Properties dialogue showing Machinehead Screen Saver selected

Right click on the Windows desktop, then select properties from the menu that appears. The Windows 'Display Properties' dialogue appears (see left):

Select 'Machinehead Screen Saver1' as shown on the left. You can now change the delay before the screen saver kicks in, add remove or change the password, preview the animation or click 'Settings' to call up the screen savers configuration dialogue. Don't forget to click 'Apply' for your changes to be remembered.

Screen Saver Configuration

Configuration dialogue for the screen saver

To the left is the configuration dialogue for the machinhead screen saver. You can use it to adjust the animation rate, sprite size, sprite speed and number of sprites. Sprites can be Flying Machinehead's or Flying Bicycles.

In the 'wheel builders nightmare' frame you can show, hide or change the size of the wheel. Turn the colour cycling on or off. If the wheel is hidden an extra check box (not shown) appears that will allow you to show or hide the sprite trails.

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