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If you have found my demo programs useful and you should register your software. Registered users get offered the latest unrestricted versions of the software, cheap upgrades as they become available and good karma. 8-)

Please do not e-mail me for support unless you are a registered user.

Sorry No Credit Cards

Musak! (33k mp3) Sorry No Credit Cards Musak! (33k mp3)

But cheques, IMO's, etc. are okay

Cycling Software
Program 16 Bit 32 Bit
GearCalc Pro
Bicycle Gear Calculator
£15 £15
Cyclist's Power Calculator
£15 £15
LevelCalc *
Training Zone Calculator
£5 £5
Spoke Length Calculator
£15 £15
Crank length calculator
Not supplied! £15
Chain length calculator
Not supplied! £15
Screen Saver * Not supplied! £FREE!
Bicycle Software Package All of the above on CD ROM £35 £35
* Only supplied on CDROM when purchased with other products costing £15 or more.
Misc. Software
Music Player ** £15
Su Doko ** £15
** £5 Only when purchased along with other products costing £15 or more.


Other Software
DoshCalc How much have you got?
Mystic Nig's Lottery Generator Send me some of your winnings
Screen Saver Make a donation to a charity of your choice.
ChillCalc Send me a postcard
Table Tennis Send me a postcard
Roster System If you need to ask, you can't afford it!

You can snail mail me at:

Musak! (33k mp3) Nigel Jones
24 Rolsyn Road
Musak! (33k mp3)

Add £1 P&P within the UK
Add £3 if postage outside the UK required.
Cheques payable to Machinehead Software
English money please - Foreign cheques take up to a month to clear and incur a flat rate £3 surcharge 8(
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.
The old 16 bit versions of the software will now only be supplied if specifically requested.

Don't forget to include your address so I know where to send the CD!

Don't forget to sign your cheque!

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