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Cheap Upgrades For Registered Users Of Machinehead Software Products

Beta Versions

Any Windows program on this site whose version number is 0.x (i.e. zero point anything) is a beta release. If you paid to register a beta release either on its own or as part of the bicycle software package you may contact me for a FREE upgrade to version 1.x when it is released.

General Information

The registered user upgrades policy is very simple. Upgrade from any full version to the latest full version for £6 + carriage. If I can email you an upgrade zip then no carriage to pay.

Exactly how good a deal this is depends on which of my products you bought and how long ago. My happy little band of registered bicycle software users includes some of the nicest people in the world. I would like to be able to upgrade you all for free, just as a thankyou for the interesting letters and emails. Unfortunately this isn't possible. Partly this is because it costs me time and money to upgrade you and I'm currently between jobs [sulk]. But mainly the £6 charge is a nominal fee to discourage everyone from wanting a free upgrade every time a program version goes up by a trivial amount.

If you bought the very early versions of any of the bicycle software its a great deal, even though the old versions were nice programs too, subsequent development as made them even slicker and nicer than ever before with fewer bugs, additional functionality and better compatibility with later versions of the Windows operating system.

Any full version also means any package so if you bought the full 16 bit bicycle software package comprising GearCalc, PowerCalc, LevelCalc and WheelCalc - I send you the latest 32 bit bicycle software package comprising GearCalc, PowerCalc, LevelCalc, WheelCalc and CrankCalc. If you bought any one of my software products on its own I upgrade just the product you bought for £6


Obviously if you are a registered user of LevelCalc only this is a crap deal because the product only cost you £5 in the first place! So send me an email (containing enough information that I can be sure that you are who you say you are!) and I will send you the latest 32bit version for FREE!

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

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