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STOP PRESS! The ABCC / BCF heart rate zone guidelines have been revised. Click this link for an on line calculator based on the new heart rate zones.

Here is a rather spartan Javascript version of the LevelCalc heart rate calculator. This one calculates heart rate values based entirely upon the BCF/Peter Keen guidelines. With the one important change to allow people who have no idea what there maximum heart rate (MHR) is can estimate from the equation MHR=220-age.
LevelCalc is better - but only if you can run Windows software. I use the BCF method because it "feels" right. All I really need to do to achieve my own personal training goals is to spend as much time as possible at level 2, with my pedals spinning at a cadence of around 90 rpm.

Age in years
Maximum heart rate (MHR)
Level 1 Active Recovery
Level 2  (Low level 2) Aerobic workout
Level 3 Time trialing
Level 4 Sprinting / intervals

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