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Bicycle Power CalculatorPowerCalc Cyclist's Power CalculatorCyclist's Power Calculator

The power calculator has been upgraded click here for details of the latest version

PowerCalc is the sister program to GearCalc. For best results install both programs in the same directory.

Bicycle Power Calculator

Its main function is to estimate a riders power and calorific requirements, taking into account wind resistance, rolling resistance, transmission losses, gravity, and atmospheric conditions. Energy requirements can also be estimated from a turbo trainer calibration. PowerCalc comes complete with calibration files for six well known makes of static trainer. New calibration files can be created with any text editor. The graph plotting options etc. make this a good visual aid for coaching bicycle physics:

Bicycle Power Calculator

The ramp rate option below can be used to simulate a maximum stress 'ramp test'; Although it is primarily intended to provide a consistent warm up prior to a constant load test. The numbers can be displayed using the whole screen, making them legible at over 100 yards. Also if your computer has a sound card the computer counts out loud. If (like me) you do not want to take your pentium out into the garage; you can make a tape of the voice and play it back through a ghetto blaster. See Also: LevelCalc heart rate calculator

Bicycle Power Calculator

How much oxygen do you require?

Bicycle Power Calculator

How much food is needed in what proportions?

cyclists power estimator

Do your feet hurt?

bicycle power software

What heart rate do you train at? See also: LevelCalc - heart rate calculator

All this and more for the armchair physicist

The power calculator has been upgraded click here for details of the new version

System Requirements

An IBM compatible 386 or better, running Windows 3.1x, Windows 9x, or later

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