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I designed and wrote this one in around three weeks. It is not up to the standard of my other programmes (check out GearCalc Pro - probably the best in the world) because it's a project that never really got developed. All enquiries were suitably discouraged up until now because I got offered a proper job before I had the opportunity to thoroughly test it. I sent this to the CTC because (after sitting on GearCalc for over 18 months!), they wrote to me requesting a copy. The only sensible complaint was that this version makes no allowances for unequal flange sizes. Although inconvenient for those that insist on using this type of hub, it is not a major problem. Just do the calculation in two stages - i.e. once for one side of the wheel, then change the figure for 'effective flange diameter' and re-calculate to get the spoke lengths for the other side of the wheel.

Now that I have Chris Judens reluctant admission that it gives the correct answers. I can no longer see any reason to keep the demo off the web site. Help your self, and enjoy. If it should give the wrong answers, blame the CTC!

Bearing in mind the above, and armed with the knowledge Chris and Tony have been mates for fifteen years, the review on WheelCalc was actually better that I would have expected. This is probably due to the fact that WheelCalc has a full context sensitive help system. This means that if you don't understand what 'effective flange diameter' is, just drive the cursor to the box with that label, press 'F1', and all will be explained. All of my cycling programmes work in this way, because it is a basic requirement these days. A program without a help file can only be considered 'user friendly' if it does not do very much! Also I find that without at least a basic awareness of the correct terminology, communication with component suppliers can be rather difficult.

The spoke length calculator has been upgraded. Click here for details of the new release

You can download an install set for the first beta release of the spoke length calculator from here. Hopefully Chris understands wheels better than he understands gears.
Download WheelCalc install set. (416KB)

NEW Upgrade to version 0.3 (51kb replacement program file only)

Minimum System Requirements

640 by 480 pixels 16 colour
An IBM compatible 386 or better, running Windows 3.1x Windows 9x or later

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