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Foreign Language Support

Click here to download foreign language support files

Your copy of chainlengthcalc ships with two language specific files intended to enable multi language support so that technologically disadvantaged cyclists and bike mechanics in France, Italy, Spain, Germany etc might one day be able to enjoy the benefits of my software.

Both of these are simple ascii text files that can be edited with any text editor (notepad is good).
ENGLISH.TXT is the default list of words and phrases that are read into the program when it loads and displayed for the user.
ENGLISHIDS.TXT is a list of help context ID numbers for the default (English) help file. Best to leave this alone! Randomly playing with this will cause the wrong topic or topic not found when you press the F1 key for context sensitive help. However it is included to allow the program to be indexed with alternative language versions of the help file easily.

If you are a crazy bilingual cyclist wishing to create a foreign language version. Please remember I can't afford to pay you for doing it, but will post the results on my site with a suitable acknowledgement.

To get chainlength calc to read in a different wordlist in (for example French), Just use ENGLISH.TXT as a template to create an equivalent file 'FRENCH.TXT' then open ChainLengthCalc.ini and just below [frmCalcChainLength] add an entry: LANGUAGE=FRENCH.TXT and presto you have a version that I won't understand!
If you add two additional settings here you can substitute a different help file and context ID map too.

Please Note:- The Chain length calculator is currently the only one of my programs to have any kind of multi-lingual capability. I don't speak enough words in any other language to reply to letters and emails written in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, Greek, Welsh, Inuit or any other language except English. Best I would be able to do would be keep rephrasing the English phrases, possibly miss-spelt to simulate a foreign accent, and with increasingly large fonts! I can't promise that there will ever be proper non-English versions of any of my programs. But I can tell you that over the last three years I wasted a lot of time replying to emails from a crazy Frenchman, an Italian and a Spaniard who talked much but sadly delivered nothing.

For anyone wanting to translate the chain length calculator I have made life very easy by building a multiple language support shell and making it accessible. Support for the other cycling programs is also possible. Converting the executables is technically unchallenging but still quite a tedious and time consuming task for my team of programmers and software developers. So if you want to see French, Spanish, Itallian versions of GearCalc Pro, PowerCalc, WheelCalc, LevelCalc or CrankCalc: Don't bother emailing me asking for a MLSS. I won't do the conversion on the off chance. But show me you are serious by creating a spreadsheet with all the words and phrases you can see on the buttons, menu items, tool tips, labels etc in one column and translations in an adjacent column and I might just make you famous.

Advanced Users

Other advantages of the multiple language support shell are:

Click here to download foreign language support files

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