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So What Happened To the Training Scheduler?

I'm sorry but I have got a proper job now. Ever wondered why most software for cyclists is so crap? If the programmer is any good he gets to work on more lucrative projects, and this is what happened to me. The first two press reviews on GearCalc were what made the difference, I got two job offers out of my next two applications.

Below is some output from the origional training scheduler. (My god I'm giving away all my secrets!). As you can see my approach has been very simplistic. If I do enough of miles, I get faster. Eventually I start to come up against the law of deminishing returns though. Such is life.

Graph of performances

As you can see, the result of my attempts to hold down a full time job, produce this web site, and get a life are distroying my training schedule. After spending a full day sitting on my arse, and staring at a screen, the last thing I want to do is stare at another computer screen when I get home. I want to go and ride my bike!

The prototype system runs very nicely on my machine and it fits my current personal needs very nicely, but to release it would be help desk hell without a lot more time consuming work. There is currently no help file, or documentation of any kind, and the only bits that currently work well are the bits that I use my self. I wrote several earlier prototypes: Based on various database/spreadsheet/graph plotting programs and If I hadn't wanted to learn some new skills the first system would have served my requirements quite adaquately.

The coaches would not approve of this particular system, because it is oriented around a minimum amount of data entry, to obtain a long term view. I don't need to worry about short term optimisations, or how to bring my self to a peak before a race because I dont race. My training might be better classified as remedial physiotherapy. I am very lazy about record keeping. As you can see I have only made 159 entries in the database in seven years. I tend to do the same kinds of rides day after day, at whatever intensity seems appropriate. In other words I just do what is practical, rather than what is optimal. If you want advise about how to optimise your training then get in touch with some of the coaches on my links page.

The graph below provides conclusive proof that the further you ride - the longer it takes!

Graph of performances

I have mixed feelings about dumping the training scheduler. I don't like leaving a job half done (or perhaps I just don't know when to quit). I have been in touch with some proper cycling coaches and they have given me some good ideas. If I can find the time I know I can create a system that is much more flexible, and a lot more powerful, but I don't know when this will be. In the short term I plan to ride my bike.

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