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The astute reader will notice that all of these reviews are all from genuine bicycling magazines. So much more cred than 'Z Net Editors Choice'! Some of the reviews on the bike software might take a while to download because I have scanned them from the various bicycle magazines rather than copy type the text.

Bicycle gear calculator review by Cycling Weekly Computer Geared "GearCalc is a computer programme that does what its name suggests and, as they say, a whole lot more" - Cycling Weekly July 19 1997
Bicycle gear calculator review by Cycling Plus Machinehead Software GearCalc Program "It's good fun and a great way to optimise your gear ratios." - Cycling Plus, Issue 70, September 1997
Bicycle gear calculator review by Cycling and Mountain Biking Today Machinehead GearCalc "hey presto - the answer's there" Cycling & Mountain Biking Today December 1997 (now called Cycling Today)
Bicycle Software Review by Coaching News Working it out "Two smart little Windows programs designed to make at least two aspects of cycling life simpler to organise for riders and/or coaches. GearCalc gives you all the help you need in choosing sets of gear ratios." - Coaching News Issue 1 1999
Bicycle Software Review by Coaching News On-Screen Tools "A collection of tools to make life easier by doing all the work for you." - Coaching News Issue 3 1999

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