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Webmasters Weaponry

Screenshot Of Webmasters Weaponry Integrated Web Browser

WMW Browser

Web Browser Controls

Most of the controls are obvious and unexceptional. From left to right the top row of buttons are as follows:

  1. Close this instance of the browser
  2. Back to previous item in browsers history
  3. Forwards: to next item in browsers history
  4. Home: Local version of home page for the current domain
  5. Refresh
  6. Stop
  7. Sync: Clicking on the button with the gear cogs synchronises WMW file browser so that the current page is highlighted ready for use with WMW's other functionality.

The three options below the buttons are:

  • Normal: Wrapper program doesn't substitute URL's so it behaves like a normal browser.
  • WWW: Click on any link to go on line and get the version of the page from the server (not particularly useful).
  • Local: Retrieves local versions of pages even when link is absolute i.e. in the form http://www.mydomain.co.uk/page.html
  • The other justification for the existence of this bastardised version of Explorer is the row of icons in the status bar. Integration with WMW means it knows about my other web browsers and web page editors so all I need to do is click on the appropriate icon to open the current page in any of my other 3rd party applications.

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