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Machinehead Privacy Policy

General Statement

All personal information sent to Machinehead Software is treated as confidential. Your details are not sold, given or in any other way shared with any other organisations. Your email address will not be added to any spam lists by Nigel Jones or any member of the Machinehead programming team.

What Is Stored?

If you have contacted me by email then your emails remain mixed in with thousands of other emails in my inbox. I do not use this to compile bulk email lists.

If you have bought my software then obviously a bit more information is retained: I keep copies of any emails that have been exchanged (as above). Any letters or paperwork that you have snail mailed to me (still in paper form - 'geologically' filed). Copies of any letters sent to you. A 'sales' table that contains details of date, who you are, contact information, what you bought, and how much you spent. The above is necessary so that I can be sure of who you are if you require upgrades etc at some point in the future.

Possible Exceptions

In the unlikely event that at some point in the future I should wish to disclose your details to a third party, this will be only be done on the following basis:
I will contact you first, explaining what information I wish to disclose, who it will be disclosed to, why I would like to disclose it and requesting permission to do so. If permission is not granted your details will not be released.

The only way your personal details could conceivably be released without your prior permission would be in the event of the government issuing a court order compelling me to do so or go to jail. I consider this scenario to be highly unlikely though. Why on earth would they be interested? The bicycle software, music software, and web developers tools could hardly be described as controversial or subversive and the customers are all nice people with nothing to worry about.

Why No Advertising Email?

I don't usually send bulk email even for the legitimate purposes of advertising new products, upgrades etc. There are several reasons for this but the most important is that I believe that spamming people is counter productive. Fill my inbox up with advertising email and I am less likely rather than more likely to buy the products. Consequently news of upgrades to my software and new programs will appear on my site and not in your inbox.

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